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Hoover's carries over 14,000 unique items and focuses on high quality, natural and organic ingredients and our customer’s health over profits and trends. Employees are here to help you with questions from product sourcing, ingredients, and advice on best practices.

Natural Groceries at Hoover's Market
natural and organic grocery
All produce is organic or local grown natural
Supplements, Vitamins, & Teas Hoover's Market


We carry a wide and expanding food selection with nutrition, flavor, organic and healthy alternatives as our priorities. Our department is stocked full of raw foods, juices, superfoods, cereal, baking goods, and coffees. In addition to our variety, we offer a self-served alkaline water dispenser.


We love to support other local businesses by carrying alternative fresh local grocery items.

Organic Produce

We are the first and only local store to have over 95% USDA certified organic produce. The remainder of our produce are locally grown with organic practices.


We make it a priority to reduce the amount of miles our produce travels by buying local and American grown first. By providing locally grown produce we are able to support local farmers and growers and maintain a diverse selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Supplements, Vitamins, & Teas

Our vitamin specialists are well educated, trained, and knowledgeable in industry practices and products. With this knowledge, they are careful at choosing the cleanest supplements while supporting eco-friendly and sustainable companies. Rest assured knowing that when you pick up a product, it will be one of the safest and effective products available.


Organic Juice & Smoothie Bar Hoover's Market
Sunflower Cafe in Hoover's Market
Sports Nutrition at Hoover's Market

Cafe & Deli

Our kitchen staff arrive early each morning to start daily prep so our offerings are always fresh. Our chefs pick only natural, organic and high quality ingredients and we are proud that our offerings are completely GMO free.


Our soups and Grab & Go items are prepared fresh daily and our wraps, sandwiches, and salads are made fresh to order. Enjoy our outdoor seating area or take your food to go.

Sports Nutrition

Our goal is to offer clean products  for athletes at all levels. From pre-workout to post-workout, we’ve got you covered. We carry protein powders, supplements, bars and other items to aid in endurance, promote strength and recovery. Hoover's is one of the largest local sellers of plant based proteins.


Organic Juice & Smoothie Bar

Did you know that nutrients from juiced fruits and vegetables start to dissipate within 20 minutes of juicing? We do. That's why all drinks are made fresh to order with raw organic fruits and vegetables.


Choose a drink from our menu, or create your own unique combo, add mix-ins like proteins, powdered greens, seeds, spices and sweeteners—all of which are either natural or organic.

Frozen & Refigerated Dept. at Hoover's Market
Bulk Grain, Herbs, & Dry Goods at Hoover's Market
Health & Beauty Dept. at Hoover's Market

Frozen &


We have a variety of frozen food items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free alternatives.


All animal and animal by products  are humanly raised, and are antibiotic and hormone free. In addition to dairy products, we carry a wide variety of vegan and dairy free items such as milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, and ice creams.

Bulk Grain, Herbs, & Dry Goods

Buy in bulk and save both your wallet and the environment.  Packaging materials make up more than 30% off all consumer waste. Check out our selection of nut butters, spices, herbs, grains, nuts, rice, flours, granolas, seeds, beans, fruit, sweets, and superfoods.



Health & Beauty

We believe that it is just as important to have clean products on your body, as in your body. Our shelves are full of natural and organic products that work without the use of harsh ingredients such as dyes, chemicals, and synthetics. Many of these products are endorsed by American Cancer Society to reduce cancer risks.

Organic Plants at Hoover's Market
Household Items, Cleaners, & Pet Care at Hoover's Market

Organic Plants

All plants are grown locally and organically from heirloom seeds.  Most of the trees, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and starter plants are grown right on our store property.


We are the first and only local store to have over 95% USDA certified organic produce. The remainder of our produce is locally grown with organic practices.



Curious and want to learn more about health topics and items found in the store? Then pick up a book on subjects like cooking, specialty diets, health and medical issues, gardening, and aromatherapy.


Educate yourself with our variety of books, documentaries, and educational DVDs on health related topics, all 10% off suggested price.


Household Items,

Cleaners, & Pet

Live as naturally as possible with recycled and environmentally friendly household staples. All household cleaners, detergent, soaps, and pest control products are botanically based and chemical free when possible.


Our pet section contains only high quality food, supplements, treats, bath products, pest control, and prevention for your furry friends.

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